ECS is recognized by several subvention organizations to which you can appeal to have (part of) the training cost reimbursed.

  • FVB Constructiv
  • mtech+
  • Educam
  • Vlaams OpleidingsVerlof
  • KMO-Portefeuille
  • Other: ask your sector fund and pass this on to ECS so that we can do what is necessary.


Training center targeting electricity sector employers (under PC 149.01).

FVB Contructiv

Training fund that targets employers in the construction industry (PC 124).

Attended trainings can also be considered as winter trainings during the period December-March.


Metalworking Industry Sector Fund (Institute for After-School Training of the Metalworking Industry).


Training center targeting automotive employers (PC 112, 142, 149).


The KMO-portefeuille is a measure that provides you - as a contractor - with financial support for the purchase of services that improve the quality of your business. In concrete terms, these are training and consultancy services, such as drawing up a communication plan for your company.

Small companies enjoy 30% support, a medium-sized company 20% support. The maximum aid ceiling per year is €7.500 aid.

Approval number ECS: DV.O104941