Practical Info

Locations & languages

The NSC training in Dutch and German can be followed at ECS in Schoten (theory+practice on the site simulator). The practical day on the site simulator takes place for some courses at Scaldis - Kallo.

The NSC training in French and English can be followed at ECS in Villers-le-Bouillet or in Suarlée (theory). The practical part takes place on the site simulator in Tihange.

See "Locations" for more information.


You can choose to follow (part of) the NSC training via E-learning instead of in class. The possible e-learning sessions can be found on our on-line platform, whether or not in combination with 1 or more days of theory/practice (incl. examination) at ECS itself.

When you register for an E-learning session, you will receive a login and password by email to follow the E-learning from home through the online portal. The E-learning needs to be followed completely and within a certain period of time in order to be able to follow (or not) the continuation of the training/examination.

A detail concerning the division between the E-learning part @home and the classroom part at ECS can be found under training and cost price.

If the E-learning is followed by training at ECS, the E-learning must be completed at least 10 working days before the start of the training at ECS.

The E-learnings are produced in cooperation with Flowsparks. Curious about how such an E-learning works? Watch a demo movie here!

Participate in refresh training

Starting 6 months before, up to the expiration date of the NSC certificate, you can follow the refresh training.

The recycling currently extends the initial expiration date of the certificate by 5 years. Once the expiration date has passed, participants will need to take another Basic Training course.

There are two refresh training courses available:

  • Module 4 (for employees with more than 75 days of work/year on site).
  • Module 2 (for employees with less than 75 days of work/year on site). When registering, simply tick the "refresh" button.

Attendances for the classroom sessions

Participants must be present on time for the entire NVC training, both for the theoretical and practical part. The hours are clearly mentioned in the invitation that each participant receives before the start of the training.

Attention: arriving late for an NSC training course may result in denial of entry.

To obtain a valid certificate, the participant must pass the theoretical and practical tests and be present during the entire and consecutive session. In case of one or more absences during the training, the participant will have to be registered again for a full training session at 100% of the registration cost.


Catering: During the training sessions, participants receive free coffee, water, tea, etc. In addition, a sandwich lunch is provided for all participants, including a soft drink.

To be foreseen

Not to be forgotten by the participants: identity card.

For the training day that takes place on the site simulator, participants should bring the necessary PPE (clean!): safety glasses, safety shoes and safety helmet.

Cancellations and changes

If you cancel a registration up to 10 working days before the start of the session, you may do so without charge. If you cancel a registration within 10 working days before the start of the session, the full training will be invoiced.

If you wish to change a participant, this can be done free of charge up to 2 working days before the start of the session. Within 2 working days before the start of the session or in the case of another participant on the day of the session itself, a fixed fee of € 50 excluding VAT will be charged per change.


The invoice for participation in the NSC training will be sent to you digitally after confirmation of registration.
Please note that the invoice must be paid at least 10 days before the start of the training in order for the participant to be able to participate in the training.


If you have a complaint or comment, you can send it to the general mail address

We will answer your mail as soon as possible.